Reviews for ‘How Old is Grandma?’

How Old is Grandma?

The reviews have started coming in for ‘How Old is Grandma?’ and I’m so happy and touched. There are some people really enjoying the book and its great to see the book is being enjoyed. Here are some of the reviews so far! Thank you to anyone who has so kindly and reviewed it so far.

‘Sweet relatable book.’

‘Fun for grandma and grandchildren.’

‘Touching, relatable and makes you want to call your Grandma!’

‘Age is less important than the love a person gives!’

‘Beautiful people of color in a story centered around respect, diversity and family love.’

‘Illustrations beautifully match the carefree but strong storyline.’

‘The essence of childhood is brought to life with the ever challenging question of age, all the while conveying the message of family.’

‘This story of the young relating respectfully and lovingly with their siblings, parents and grandparents as well as diverse neighbors speaks to our nation rising to the occasion to be united. It starts here! I would highly recommend for public libraries and school libraries.’

How Old is Grandma?