About the Author

Antoinette Simmonds

When I was a child, my sister and I always asked our mom to read a story before going to bed. It was the best way for us to fall asleep. My dad built us a bookshelf using cement blocks and a board. We decorated it with a small lamp that provided just enough light to read our stories.

With my children, I remember the fun we shared in reading stories aloud. As I watched them mature, they obtained their own bookshelves to continue the treasures of reading.

Now as a grandmother and an author, I wanted my grandsons and children 4+ to understand the riches found in reading with the hope that kids will create their own dreams and imagination.

My goal is to contribute family-oriented books that illustrate relatable characters of people of color. The story is fun and shows the interactive involvement of all generations as they encounter these experiences.

I believe Lizzy Has Fantastic Feet and How Old Is Grandma? will be enjoyable editions to add to your bookshelf.