My Superpower

My new book ‘Lizzy’s Fantastic Feet’ is about celebrating what makes us different, our superpowers. I had a think about my own superpower…

A Voice That Resonates

Some people can sing beautifully as they practice the scale of notes. As a child, I always liked to sing, but the sound was far from melodious. My friends were all in the choir and when I went to try out, I could see the director’s face change from a pleasant smile to a shrilled expression. I promised the director that I would sing so low, that he would not hear a note. He smiled and allowed me to join the choir. So, I know my singing is not the greatest. If I cannot sing, what is my superpower?

I tried out to be a cheerleader, but I couldn’t cartwheel straight, couldn’t do the split all the way, and couldn’t do a backwards tumble in the right direction. My dad said to me, “So, what is your superpower?” At the time, I didn’t know. But as we practiced in the gym, I could hear my voice as it vibrated off the walls. My voice was powerful and even though I could not carry a tune, the volume of the sound ricochet in the gym.

The first time I practiced in the gym, the instructor stopped everyone to find out where that sound was coming from. Standing a little over 4 feet, at 80 pounds, everyone looked over my head. And then, they asked us to cheer again. This time the instructor, the other participants, even the maintenance person came over to see if what they were hearing was coming from me. Yes, I did have a superpower! I found that with many hours of practice, I learned how to do all the cheerleading feats required, but it was my voice that resonated for me!

Finding my superpower was my answer to finding me. I did have a talent and strength that was truly mine.

Do you have a superpower? Do you have more than one? What is it? Write it down so that you can see own wonderful your strengths!