Lizzy Has Fantastic Feet

Sometimes all you need in life is a talking lizard!

Being a little brother can be hard. Caius is having a hard time being heard by his older brothers and sometimes feels left out. Everything changes when he discovers a talking lizard! Lizzy the Lizard is also having a hard time. As the two develop a friendship they explore the lizard’s story and her heritage and history. Caius discovers that everyone has differences but that our differences can also be our strengths! Caius and Lizzy’s self-esteems grow. But what will become of the hero of our story?

Lizzy Has Fantastic Feet is a picture book about how children can perceive difference imaginatively and creatively. Part of a series of books written for children ages 4 and up, featuring an African American family.

For Ages 4-7 (Preschool – Grade 2)

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