How Old is Grandma?

A humorous family mystery about a Grandma’s big secret!

Kendall and Kayson love going to visit their grandparents and their Grandma’s birthday means CAKE, but how many candles to put on it? As the story unfolds, and misunderstandings abound, inquisitive Kendall is surprised to find out more than he bargained for.

How Old is Grandma? joyfully illustrates the interactions amongst a loving African American family; children, parents, and grandparents and the learning experiences they share. Warm story-telling with a humor and charm that illustrates an understanding of the funniness and peace of mind that is so commonly found in children.

The first in a series of books written for children ages 4 and up. Purchase a copy of How Old is Grandma? to relax and enjoy as a family.

For Ages 4-7 (Preschool – Grade 2)

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